Dana Brown (born February 19, 1984) lives in California with his wife Caroline and dog Annie. He makes film trailers (I Am Not Your Negro, Little Men, Blackfish, Life Itself, Iris, Force Majeure, High-Rise) that run in theatres, on television, and all over the web for Magnolia Pictures. He also writes on a multitude of topics. His poetry and fiction tackle uncertainty and celebrate the annals of human merriment. Brown also records music, enjoys tv, podcasts, bicycling, people, photography, and food.



U.C. Santa Cruz (2002 - 2007)

Film and Digital Media

University of Cape Town (2005)

S.F. School for Digital Filmmaking (2008 - 2009)


Film Editing. Title and Graphic Design. Sound Editing. Sound Mixing. Storytelling. Advertising. Copy Writer. Project Manager.


Film Trailer Production Magnolia Pictures

Copywriter cutwater

Editor CanDo Media

Writing Tutor 826 Valencia

Kayak Shop Manager & Guide Venture Quest

League Certified Instructor American League of Cyclists

“Dana's creativity and love is so strong that you are not only inspired by it, but you are taken capture by it. It seeps through your bones and makes you want to make beautiful things and be good to all. I have known Dana for some time now, and his wonderful sense of humor, his personality, spontaneity, and respect for life are all true and great. If you would like to have an amazing time in SF lead by an amazing person, request his humble abode as a place to rest your bones. But don't worry, there will be more excitement and fun than rest- there always is with this guy.” 

- Kate Gioia

“Everyday is a new day and a new experience. This boy will teach you many things if you watch and listen. Music, art, books, he recently took me bird watching, some times we play tennis, drink wine and dance, sometimes all at once. Sweet times lay ahead.”

  1. - Tessa Edwards

“Dana writes brilliantly and is a natural leader.”

- Chuck McBride